Who Am I?

Well wow, there’s one of life’s hardest questions! Now is not the time for me to delve into an analysis of my inner being.

I’m a few years post turning my life upside down as i didn’t like the way it looked and more importantly how it felt. The job, the house, the fiancée, although all were great in their own right, i had a niggle. I couldn’t stop thinking that i wasn’t doing the right thing so, i started again.

Since then i listen, i hear the inner voice louder than ever before. The difference now is that i act. I was wrong to try and silence the voice, if its what you’re meant to be doing it won’t go away, it’ll just get louder.

I started this blog to share my learnings and to stay true to my latest niggling thought. I have a desire to write, i don’t know what style or the fine details but the best way to start…is to start.

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