The Hardest thing is always where to start???

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

The quote above was unashamedly the suggested quote for my first post. I considered removing it and spent so much time procrastinating over what i should start with. I caught myself after a while and thought fuck it, its a great quote and an important message.

I’ve been wanting to write for ages, i love the power of the written word both to the reader and the writer. It can be such a cathartic process to release the emotions in the flow of the pen on paper and such a joyous experience to lose yourself in the worlds created by words written by another. The thing i am still working out is, what i want to write.

Rather than wait for this imaginary finished masterpiece to fall onto the paper i thought i’d start taking steps to explore the world of writing and see where it leads. One thing i knew was important to me was figuring out the difference between journalling and blogging. Journalling is super important and one thing im naff at keeping regular but it provides a safe space to work through those raw emotions of the moment. A place where naming and shaming is totally appropriate and where you can grow as a person whilst you work through your world. For me the gory details do not need to end up in a public forum, thats not fair on those involved. That being said i feel strongly that if there a learning to be shared that comes out of that intimate process then i will find a way to share in a more generalistic fashion.

One of my main pieces of advice i tend to give to people is ‘what is your next best step’. Finally listening to mine i have enrolled into a creative writing group and will be documenting my journey. I will also be exploring topics that come to light in the process. Feel free to subscribe and enjoy the inner ramblings of my mind!

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