Fisher Price’s My First Poem

It certainly felt like it was my first attempt at one. In truth i have written poetry before but only for myself. This is the first one i am sharing. It will not be the last.

The grains of what makes us, they stir but remain

Smaller than particles of sand

Ever shifting, ever changing

As they spin, soften settle

Life stands still for no-one

We breathe, we move, we grow

The fluidity of the motion

The simple ebb

And the flow

The tide it comes

inevitable disruption crashing in,

whisking our particles in the undercurrent

then refreshingly sliding away

As it spins, softens, settles

Miles adrift but inches apart

Within sight but deemed

too close to touch

A sigh and a smile to our screens

The backlit faces seem soothing

As we spin, soften, settle

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