Māhina Avon Ring – Day 20/21/22

Well it happened again, we liked a mooring so much that we stayed and did nothing for a day. Nevermind, boating is never a thing that should be restricted by timings anyway! We had left with all intentions of heading to Pershore to the moorings at the recreation ground but after going through just Evesham Lock (where we moored the previous night) and then Chadbury lock, this sunny snippet of a mooring appeared. I think it took all of 20 secs to agree to stop there instead.

Although other boats come and stopped for lunch and overnight, it felt great to not have the canal towpath and bikes whizzing by regularly. Shame you are limited to 48hrs max stop at any of the rivers moorings and i very much enjoyed this one!

After our day relaxing here we set off again, boating on the rivers mainly means, looking at the wildlife, looking at the posh houses and just relaxing as you float on down the gentle current. Trying to get a picture of a Kingfisher is really hard work, here is todays effort, hoping for a better version as time goes on. (spot the blue blob in amongst the green)

Well thats one way of getting more space!!

As we pulled up to Pershore lock we saw the other 2 boats from the mooring last night stopping for lunch. Pershore lock is very odd as diamond shaped, means you never quite know how to line your boat up in it! Luckily a boat was coming up, a single header so we helped him in.

Eek – a hangover from the floods that can happen on the river. So sad

We had 4 options in our mind for moorings tonight. The 1st one was a bit too near a busy road, the 2nd one was full unfortunately but the 3rd was a gem. A lone mooring, with benches on the bank, perfect. Now just to navigate past the wild swimmers and paddle boarders to get onto the poles. I was very impressed at my mooring here considering i’m new to boating world and that was a lot of unprotected human hazards but i did it! phew. Now to chill for the night.

Definitely another mooring i could stay on for a few days but unfortunately we need to head back to the marina. 😦 Next time maybe!

Day 20 Video: https://youtu.be/ADJSIHoA8FA
Day 22 Video: https://youtu.be/cRDd2_GZCgQ

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