Trip 2021 – Week 8

Day 50: After a couple of days of terrible hayfever, I can start to breathe a bit. We had a ridiculously funny walk back from Bex & Curly's, drunkenly giggling like schoolkids as we charged down the hill through fields and alleys, across bridges to get down to the canal. I didn't think anything of … Continue reading Trip 2021 – Week 8

2021 Trip – Week 5

Photo collection can be found here: Day 29 - Hollybush Inn To Engine LockAll the layers were back on this morning as the temperature had dropped. A badly moored boat got everyone in a pickle as we met another boat coming through the bridge. A few seconds on the video but a good few … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 5

2021 Trip – Week 4

Wow! how has it got to a month already. Photo albums can be found here: Day 22 - Middle of Nowhere to Burston We split the tasks today, for the first part I worked until we reach locks then got up and did the running of the locks as a good screen break and … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 4

2021 Trip – Week 3

Link to Photo Albums: Day 16 & 17 No boating as we hung out with friends, BBQ, drinks, chats, walk - is was lovely to take some time out along the way! They very kindly lent us their washing machine too so I could get a load on, brilliant! Day 18 - Fradley to … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 3

2021 Trip – Week 2

As last week - more photos can be found here: Day 8 - Netherton Tunnel to Dudley Canal TrustWe originally looked at going through the Dudley Tunnel, as you can't use your engine in there and would have to lie on the roof and use your legs to push the boat along. However, the … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 2

2021 Trip – Week 1

Day 1 & 2It's not that I don't want to write every day but I'm being honest with myself about what I can do. Boating is tiring, boating when you're trying to fit in hours in your temp job is still tiring! With events still mostly off the table I decided to make another run … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 1

A window with a view!

I enjoyed two little photography projects on the waterways. Here is the 1st one which is a collection of views out of the living room window on the boat. I'm no video editor but I had fun putting this together along with some words below. WindowsWindows are made to watch the world go byand … Continue reading A window with a view!