2021 Trip – Week 5

Photo collection can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets Day 29 - Hollybush Inn To Engine LockAll the layers were back on this morning as the temperature had dropped. A badly moored boat got everyone in a pickle as we met another boat coming through the bridge. A few seconds on the video but a good few … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 5

2021 Trip – Week 3

Link to Photo Albums: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143856576@N06/collections/72157719231987276/ Day 16 & 17 No boating as we hung out with friends, BBQ, drinks, chats, walk - is was lovely to take some time out along the way! They very kindly lent us their washing machine too so I could get a load on, brilliant! Day 18 - Fradley to … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 3

Aston to Tixall Wide

Our few hours boating can be seen here: https://youtu.be/LpmE-AFyCqI We have been following the A51 and the West Coast mainline for a little while now but today we chuckled as we don't think the railway can get any closer! We were headed to the Tixall Wide, a lovely spot to take a couple of days … Continue reading Aston to Tixall Wide

Westport Lake to Tentham

Today's very very wet journey can be found here: https://youtu.be/fke0GVaJqcQ Without being disrespectful to the people of Stoke, it is not somewhere, as a boater, you feel welcomed. All advise is to get through it and don't stop. We donned all the waterproofs and for me about 5 layers as we know it was down … Continue reading Westport Lake to Tentham

Church Lawton to Westport Lake via Harecastle Tunnel

Today's video (as much as you can see of it in the tunnel) is here: https://youtu.be/Y42tQ_1FbHg A very foggy start to the day as we left Church Lawton. A different feel today as we have a time booked passage through Harecastle Tunnel. I'm not used to being somewhere for a specific time whilst boating and … Continue reading Church Lawton to Westport Lake via Harecastle Tunnel

Wheelock to Church Lawton

Todays back-breaking journey can be seen here: https://youtu.be/H0HI70nyiJw Setting off from Wheelock we knew it was going to be a big day of locks. The whole flight is around 25 locks but we were planning on stopping just short for the day at around lock 22. The Harecastle tunnel is at the end of the … Continue reading Wheelock to Church Lawton

Middlewich to Wheelock

Todays journey is here; a short hop along the way to Wheelock and a weekend seeing friends! https://youtu.be/aB_Jndo4wZ0 Today was only going to be a short hop as we have arranged to meet some friends over the weekend at Wheelock. It was only 6 miles, 4 locks and it took us just over 2 & … Continue reading Middlewich to Wheelock

Church Minshull to Middlewich

Today video journey is here: https://youtu.be/0ko0bGjDSxA Today was another day of all the clothes. Leggings under Jeans, about 4 tops under a jumper and coat etc. The sun was lovely but the wind was bitter and being on the water makes it even colder. Started the day with a gentle navigation, no locks, just other … Continue reading Church Minshull to Middlewich