Church Minshull to Middlewich

Today video journey is here: Today was another day of all the clothes. Leggings under Jeans, about 4 tops under a jumper and coat etc. The sun was lovely but the wind was bitter and being on the water makes it even colder. Started the day with a gentle navigation, no locks, just other … Continue reading Church Minshull to Middlewich

Beeston to Church Minshull

Today's video of our journey: Amazing what a good nights sleep and a beautiful sunny morning can do for your soul! Although we woke early and had all plans of getting going, the universe had other ideas. On starting the boat of a morning we always give a little revs in neutral in order … Continue reading Beeston to Church Minshull

Chester to Beeston

A lovely day off to explore Chester. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the walls and old city centre. Early evening came and Richard was preparing tea when a load of kids decided throwing rocks at the boat was their fun for the evening. It was unexpected and caught me by surprise. Richard filmed them from … Continue reading Chester to Beeston

Beeston Castle to Chester

Saying goodbye to another lovely mooring we started on our way to Chester. I decided to do the locking today as I knew it would be a bit of a physical challenge. With double gates each end and room for two boats, it means heavier paddles to wind and heavier gates to push.Our journey was … Continue reading Beeston Castle to Chester

A few photos from our walk up to Beeston Castle.

Another lovely day off boating to explore something by the canal. The castle is clearly seen from the waterway up a large hill. Built in the early 1300's, it's a Marcher castle and although now in ruins, it's still an impressive site. Here's some from the way up to the castle: And from in the … Continue reading A few photos from our walk up to Beeston Castle.

Hurleston to Beeston Castle

A fun journey today with lots of chuckles and a hormonal melt down from me as my brain forgot how to do anything at the helm! To leave the Llangollen it was back down the 4 deep locks in a row that pops you back out onto the mainline of the Shrophire Union. The … Continue reading Hurleston to Beeston Castle

Overwater Marina to Hurleston Locks

Today's Video is here: A little test for me this morning as I chose to take the helm to come off the mooring in the marina turn her for the exit, to work on my fear of being watched whilst manoeuvring her. It wasn't as tight as in my home mooring but with all … Continue reading Overwater Marina to Hurleston Locks

Sometimes stuff happens!

Well it wouldn't be a journey without some drama now would it. As has been the same for all my backpacking and travelling experience, the road is never straight, expect bends and curveballs!I have been nursing a bit of an issue with my gearbox for a while. Lots of diagnostics and trial and error repair … Continue reading Sometimes stuff happens!

Audlem Top Lock to Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

Today's video is here: Today was essentially the run of the 15 locks from top to bottom and then stopping a little further on. We had intended to split the work halfway but when Richard is working the locks he works at such speed that I then can't match it and it holds other … Continue reading Audlem Top Lock to Hack Green Nuclear Bunker