Hurleston to Beeston Castle

A fun journey today with lots of chuckles and a hormonal melt down from me as my brain forgot how to do anything at the helm! To leave the Llangollen it was back down the 4 deep locks in a row that pops you back out onto the mainline of the Shrophire Union. The … Continue reading Hurleston to Beeston Castle

Marbury to Hurleston

Today's video for the journey here: It was a chilly morning pulling off from the mooring at Marbury. A reminder that the seasons are changing and i'm definitely making the most of shorts days when I get them. People always assume it's cold to live on a boat but with a lovely fire and … Continue reading Marbury to Hurleston

Grindley Brook to Marbury

Todays video of our journey here: Starting the day with the Grindley Brook staircase. It was getting busy so we came off the mooring and joined the queue. Everyone was being very jolly as we took our turn starting the staircase. Chinese whispers came up from below that it was carnage at the bottom. … Continue reading Grindley Brook to Marbury

New Marton to Blake Mere and a day of much needed zen at the lake.

The tiredness was starting to kick in. We are now at the three week mark of the trip and I was starting to feel it. The steering of a narrowboat is in someways like a car and in other ways nothing like it at all. Its like technical steering down country lanes where you're always … Continue reading New Marton to Blake Mere and a day of much needed zen at the lake.

Llangollen to New Marton – a challenging morning and a man where he shouldn’t be!

Todays Video Here: THE NARROWSSo we screwed up as the camera didn't record the first part of the journey and of course thats the part where lots of stuff happened! To put it in context, there are 2 sections in and out of Llangollen town that are only one boat width apart. The signs … Continue reading Llangollen to New Marton – a challenging morning and a man where he shouldn’t be!

A Day off in Llangollen

Horseshoe FallsA lovely 3 mile walk, a round trip from the mooring to head up to the falls. This is where the Llangollen canal starts, a rare opportunity to see the start of a waterway that has been created by diverting some of the water out from the River Dee. A manmade falls was created … Continue reading A Day off in Llangollen

The Big One! – Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Todays timelapse video is here: Ooooh exciting! Today is the day that started the whole idea for this trip. I'd seen this bonkers structure and just knew I had to bring Māhina (and us) over it. As I haven't been able to take any pictures of it from afar, here it is in all … Continue reading The Big One! – Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The middle of nowhere to Froncysyllte

Todays Video Here: Dammit the ice cream boat came past us before i'd realised it although 9am is maybe a little too early for ice cream (never!). Maybe we'll catch up with it along the way. Pulled off after waiting for a gap, this canal is much busier than the others so far! Straight … Continue reading The middle of nowhere to Froncysyllte

Whixall Moss to the middle of nowhere.

Video for Whixall Moss to the middle of nowhere: After a fun reverse and a 360 spin to get back off the Prees branch back onto the main Llangollen canal we were off. It was a strange day in a way as a boating day with no locks or bridges to contend with.Had the … Continue reading Whixall Moss to the middle of nowhere.