A Day off in Llangollen

Horseshoe Falls
A lovely 3 mile walk, a round trip from the mooring to head up to the falls.

This is where the Llangollen canal starts, a rare opportunity to see the start of a waterway that has been created by diverting some of the water out from the River Dee. A manmade falls was created and a guillotine lock controlled pump house to allow the water to feed into the canal.

Chain Bridge – originally built 1800’s but rebuilt several times since then (this version is 1920’s refurbed in the 90’s)

Llangollen Steam Railway

We thought if we’re going to be tourists we may as well go the whole hog. We booked a private compartment on the steam railway going on a return journey to Carrog. Glad to have the option have a cabin to ourselves and the welsh cakes and Bara Brith were very much welcomed! Run by passionate volunteers, it was lovely to see the engine and carriages in such great condition having been restored, complete with ladies only and 1st class carriages. The scenery was beautiful and was very soothing to be rocked gently by the train. I always find my mind is so at peace when staring out the window of a travelling vehicle.

Here’s a little video of snippets i took on the journey:

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