Marbury to Hurleston

Today’s video for the journey here:

It was a chilly morning pulling off from the mooring at Marbury. A reminder that the seasons are changing and i’m definitely making the most of shorts days when I get them. People always assume it’s cold to live on a boat but with a lovely fire and central heating radiators, it just gets cosier. But for now, the day was due to warm up as the hours passed so only layers were needed.

After a short distance we were back at the electric lift bridge in Wrenbury, I was dispatched to stop the traffic, close the barriers and operate the bridge. All done quickly and the waiting cars didn’t seem to frustrated at having to wait. There was no point me getting back on as there was a manual lift bridge around the corner. I was feeling more in the mood for them today although the young cows in the field next to it were far more interesting. I managed to get the bridge up after what seemed to be, a never ending effort of turns to lift the thing.

We passed this little boat which we definitely didnt see on the way up.

The day was nicely spaced between locks and nice easy steering. No drama’s to note, passing the time of day if we met any folk coming the other way but mainly it was just us two for the day. I chuckled as it looked like this bridge was about to eat me!

We nearly moored in a different spot but decided against it and bounced off and ended back on the same mooring from the journey up. Again, I was rewarded with a lovely sunset which of course I had a lovely cold beer to enjoy it with. I’ve made sure to try and catch sunset on most days, it a habit I got in during my stays on Koh Lanta, a little moment to reflect on the day. I find it’s been lovely to take that half hour watching the sun going down to take stock of what the day has delivered and for a moment of gratitude that I’m getting the opportunity to do this.

Time for an early night as it’s an early start tomorrow to continue up the country.

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