Grindley Brook to Marbury

Todays video of our journey here:

Starting the day with the Grindley Brook staircase. It was getting busy so we came off the mooring and joined the queue. Everyone was being very jolly as we took our turn starting the staircase. Chinese whispers came up from below that it was carnage at the bottom. I’d picked being at the helm today so I was dreading what lay in store for me down there.

Got down the 3 in the staircase and they were right! Carnage at the bottom, 2 wanting to go up with the 3 boats before us slowly working their way through the series of 3 locks to get out. We had some good banter with 3 lads in front of us on a hire and they made it look like they were seasoned boaters. They were on a mission as they’d gone quite far and had to get the boat back on dock for 9am tomorrow so were pushing it. Looks like they were having a blast though!

The universe answered my request of having no boats waiting to come up on these 3 locks as the bywash is so strong and I didn’t want to have to worry about catching some boat on the way through. Got distracted with how pretty the bridges looked going down!

Only a short days journey today as we pulled over not long after just outside the town on Marbury. In other times we would have gone to The Swan but settled for a nice beer and dinner on the boat instead.

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