Blake Mere to Grindley Brook

Todays Video of the journey here:

An easy day today. 11.5 miles and 5 lift bridges. I was at the helm most of the day as I am finding the lift bridges on this canal a bit too heavy and tiring. The hydraulics are there to help you lift it using a windlass but the gearing on these ones are a bit too high (fewer turns, more effort) so Richard was dispatched to do them but it meant I got to practise my hovering skills so all good.

We have a pretty big aerial for my wifi dongle as we’re researching things as we go but it felt good to see someone with an even larger aeriel than me!

Now THIS, is a beautiful perfect mooring spot. Maybe one day I could be more off grid and find a lovely offside mooring like this. Always good to have a phase 2 to the goal even though I am more than happy where I am now as the community around me both in the marina and the Gloucester & Sharpness canal is growing by the moment. I couldn’t ask for a more friendly, helpful and jolly bunch of people. Now we’re half way through the trip, I am missing seeing the regular faces!

This made me turn my head as I was not expecting to see a flight case on the front of a boat! I’m sure there are quicker ways of getting the gear to the gig. Worrying when you look at what are normal everyday items with a burst of nostalgia as you haven’t actually seen them in ages.

Yes, I have an obsession with cows I know but nevermind. Loved coming back across the Highland and these young ones in the canal were a bit too interested in the boat for my liking but I had to fight myself to not get off and hug them!

Ended the day with a lovely afternoon sit in the sun and then a random downpour paused play for the day!

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