Chester to Beeston

A lovely day off to explore Chester. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the walls and old city centre. Early evening came and Richard was preparing tea when a load of kids decided throwing rocks at the boat was their fun for the evening.

It was unexpected and caught me by surprise. Richard filmed them from the bow whilst I called the police from the stern. After a short while they stopped and walked off into town. I am so so grateful that they didn’t manage to smash a window. They’re only single pane and I would have no way of easily replacing them on the trip. Even with them gone I couldn’t settle as I went to bed as all I could hear were voices around the boat. It’s the first time in a long time something rattled me. I kept thinking that they wouldn’t be stood outside a random person’s house throwing rocks so why do it because I live in a boat. I think the voices disappeared and I eventually gave in to sleep around 3-4am and was pretty glad to be leaving in the morning.

One we found on the back deck the next morning.

The weather had turned so it was waterproofs on and settled into a wet boating day as we started through the 4 locks leading out of Chester. It was getting so cold so more layers were added and tea to keep me going. Met a lovely couple going up 3 of those 4 locks, so great when you meet super chilled folk with good humour and going up those broad locks in pairs makes for much lighter work.

Below is our video of the journey back to Beeston, I was very glad to get to the last lock (with a very friendly fellow boater helping us through). Radiators on, clothes changed I promptly fell asleep into a much needed nap. It was so peaceful being back out in the country 🙂

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