Beeston Castle to Chester

Saying goodbye to another lovely mooring we started on our way to Chester. I decided to do the locking today as I knew it would be a bit of a physical challenge. With double gates each end and room for two boats, it means heavier paddles to wind and heavier gates to push.

Our journey was recorded using timelapse and you can see it here:

Now this boating life isn’t all sunshine and roses, there are challenges (that are well worth the pay off), today is the day to face one of them. The loo. We’re lucky enough to have a pump out loo that when two people are onboard full time, takes about a month to fill. However, we are now on day 32 of the trip and it stinks! We need to empty it before I hurl. There are plenty of places along the way we can do this and the next one happens to be a marina that is owned by the same group as my home mooring so it’s good to have a nosey too!

Went in and paid for my token to run the machine, handling these pipes always makes me think i’m handling a massive heavy weird millipede. Pop the nozzle in the side of the boat and push go. We were a bit worried as they said the cycle was only 8 mins which is quite short but to be fair it was a really strong suction and it gave us ample time plus time for a couple of rinses. Bingo – that gives us another month before needing to do that again.

Keep seeing faces in boats!

Arrived in Chester and went for a little bimble around the walls just as the sun went down (less people to bump into then!!)

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