Audlem Top Lock to Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

Today’s video is here:

Today was essentially the run of the 15 locks from top to bottom and then stopping a little further on. We had intended to split the work halfway but when Richard is working the locks he works at such speed that I then can’t match it and it holds other boats up. I was still operating paddles where I could after steering her in and out of them.

We had a lovely mix of people coming up and I was too busy to take many photos during the run. Shame as the bloke on a boat called Uncle Albert really did look like him!!

The Shroppie Fly – shame we were too early for a pub stop but i was grateful not to have a million onlookers
This couple were great. She was reading a book on chickens and he was rocking some cowboy boots!
All set up for the night
My window gives me a different picture every day! Always happy when there is a cow in it!

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