Trip 2021 – Week 8

Day 50: After a couple of days of terrible hayfever, I can start to breathe a bit. We had a ridiculously funny walk back from Bex & Curly's, drunkenly giggling like schoolkids as we charged down the hill through fields and alleys, across bridges to get down to the canal. I didn't think anything of … Continue reading Trip 2021 – Week 8

2021 Trip – Week 1

Day 1 & 2It's not that I don't want to write every day but I'm being honest with myself about what I can do. Boating is tiring, boating when you're trying to fit in hours in your temp job is still tiring! With events still mostly off the table I decided to make another run … Continue reading 2021 Trip – Week 1

Kidderminster to Worcester

Today's journey heading off the canal system and onto the river: After 2 days of waiting for the levels of the river to fall we got the nod. It's not quite there but it's good enough to get going and she should continue to fall behind us. I was inextricably nervous this morning, I … Continue reading Kidderminster to Worcester

Kinver to Kidderminster

Today's lovely autumnal journey: What a glorious journey through the sunshine and the autumnal colours aligning the waterways. I'm definitely in a bit of a grump about the trip coming to an end but so so grateful that we have been able to do it.I didn't want to leave Kinver, it left me with … Continue reading Kinver to Kidderminster

Day off in Kinver

We had heard great things about the Kinver Rock Houses and surrounding area so decided to take a morning to get out for a lovely walk. What a fab day, thoroughly enjoyed the walk, nice to get out of the steel tube for a few hours! Outside of the rock houses: Always seeing a face!Bats … Continue reading Day off in Kinver

Womborne to Kinver

Today's Journey can be seen here: Man I struggled to wake up today. Yesterday's boating was good, then a few hours of remote work meant a late night and I was paying the price as I felt totally sluggish. I soon swapped from locking to steering as I simply didn't have the energy and … Continue reading Womborne to Kinver

Compton to Womborne

Todays journey can be seen here: A glorious morning was had ambling between Compton and Womborne. It was one of those days where everything went smoothly, the locks certainly got harder as they went. The paddles of the bottom gates were very stiff but we got there. Always good to be pointed in the … Continue reading Compton to Womborne

Penkridge to Compton

Today's much more pleasant journey to Compton: A totally different day today with a much nicer weather to be enjoying the waterways and today did not disappoint. Waking early with the school kids making their way along the canal we got a lovely early morning start. The first lock made me laugh as the … Continue reading Penkridge to Compton

Tixall Wide to Penkridge

Today's ridiculously wet Journey: We knew today would be a wet one so we suited appropriately and set off. I do love how some locks get to have a lock cottage, dates back to when most locks were manned. Noticed a first as we went passed a boat with a massive cage on the … Continue reading Tixall Wide to Penkridge

Aston to Tixall Wide

Our few hours boating can be seen here: We have been following the A51 and the West Coast mainline for a little while now but today we chuckled as we don't think the railway can get any closer! We were headed to the Tixall Wide, a lovely spot to take a couple of days … Continue reading Aston to Tixall Wide