Worcester to Upton to Gloucester

Worcester to Upton can be seen here: https://youtu.be/HAkq85V-Bxs After a stunning night sky in Gloucester we headed down to Upton On Severn. Found this just before we leftSo pulled it out for firewoodA cheeky little engraved heart We passed through Diglis lock and had a short journey ahead of us. We had in mind that … Continue reading Worcester to Upton to Gloucester

Kidderminster to Worcester

Today's journey heading off the canal system and onto the river: https://youtu.be/-e-3DpZWTxs After 2 days of waiting for the levels of the river to fall we got the nod. It's not quite there but it's good enough to get going and she should continue to fall behind us. I was inextricably nervous this morning, I … Continue reading Kidderminster to Worcester