Worcester to Upton to Gloucester

Worcester to Upton can be seen here:

After a stunning night sky in Gloucester we headed down to Upton On Severn.

We passed through Diglis lock and had a short journey ahead of us. We had in mind that if the pontoons were free at Upton that we’d stop and if not we’d push on to Gloucester. With the river being a little bit up and down we didn’t want to risk mooring on the steps as it’s not flood safe.

Leaving Diglis Lock
Always weird going under motorways, in this case the M5
A surprise seeing the trip boat come round the corner.
The stunning Malvern Hills in the background.
The evidence of the water level from the closure last week.
Unheard of!! empty pontoon at Upton 🙂

The journey from Upton to Gloucester:

A call to Gloucester Lock sets the timings today as the tide is currently high and we were told to arrive 3-5pm for it to be the best conditions. We headed off the pontoons and down to Upper Lode Lock. The lock keeper on there has been lovely this year, I was sad to hear he’ll be leaving to go to uni as he’s been so welcoming and helpful. As always, a jolly goodbye then a straightforward journey ahead with the flow making us travel a few extra miles per hour than usual. The turning into the partings was actually pretty smooth thankfully.

Love these working boats, the crew are always so friendly
Jebus, look at the flood marks on the fence from a previous time.
Fresh water marks on the tree from the high tide this morning, glad the level is less now 🙂

Richard ditched me and went up front as I know he wanted me to be the one at the helm coming into Gloucester lock. Another first and i would be coming in faster than i’m used to as the pull of the water going round the bend to the right was considerable. This meant no line up time but with revs to get past the wash, then reverse once in worked well and I lined up pretty nicely. My heart rate had a chance to decrease and anxiety to chill as we rose in the lock. A night in the docks was ahead so I pulled out the lock and onto the pontoon smoother than I thought I would.

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