Compton to Womborne

Todays journey can be seen here:

A glorious morning was had ambling between Compton and Womborne. It was one of those days where everything went smoothly, the locks certainly got harder as they went. The paddles of the bottom gates were very stiff but we got there.

Always good to be pointed in the right direction
Cat in a box caught my attention!

As we approached Bratch staircase (which isn’t really a staircase) we met the lock keeper and he worked with me to go down the flight. It was nice to wrap my head around as it is different to a regular staircase with things needing to be done in a particular order. We didn’t get the chance of the way up as the volunteers whizzed us through.

Took a pic of the rules as there was no way I was going to remember the right order!

We stopped in Womborne and were treated to a lovely visit from colleague Spot & Emma who live locally. Was lovely to catch the end of the sunshine, sit outside next to the boat and shoot the breeze until the rain got too strong to stay out in.

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