Womborne to Kinver

Today’s Journey can be seen here:

Man I struggled to wake up today. Yesterday’s boating was good, then a few hours of remote work meant a late night and I was paying the price as I felt totally sluggish. I soon swapped from locking to steering as I simply didn’t have the energy and Richard spotted it and suggested we swap. In the wet it’s real easy to take a slip or stumble and have an accident when you’re not totally paying attention.

I did manage the staircase at least before I took my position of being by the tiller instead. The sun did break through eventually and I actually took some time out to sit and watch the world go by while Richard steered and got lost in the beauty of it all. When we were last on this stretch of water it was mid summer and it was beautiful then, with the trees changing colour and the air getting crisper it has turned magical.

I’ve loved seeing the leaves turn and fall, the wisps of breath as we speak into the cold air, the heat haze rising from the chimney giving me a cosy feeling knowing the boat inside will be toasty warm for when we stop. Captured some great shots today of the journey.

The picture above was one of the locks that on approach it looks like you just drop off a cliff as you can’t see the waterway beyond it!
We found a mooring and are taking a couple of days here to just chill. With the river currently closed for navigation and only being able to use the locks at Stourport on certain days of the week there is no rush to get to the basin just yet…..plus I don’t really want the trip to end so eeking it out until the bitter end.

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