Kinver to Kidderminster

Today’s lovely autumnal journey:

What a glorious journey through the sunshine and the autumnal colours aligning the waterways. I’m definitely in a bit of a grump about the trip coming to an end but so so grateful that we have been able to do it.

I didn’t want to leave Kinver, it left me with such a lovely feeling but onwards we must go. As we went to pull off I thought the universe had been sneaky and listened as Māhina would not engage drive or reverse. Back in we pulled her and found a sticky switch, bit of WD40 and we were good to go again.

The locks on this canal all seem to be very picturesque. Good timing as bumped into a single hander doing the first one.

A lovely bimble through the little bridges and tunnels.

We called the Gloucester lock keeper to see what the state of play was with the river. It’s not ready yet so we pulled over to wait it out for a few days in the hope the River level would fall. It’s not that you can’t go on ‘amber’ status but it can go from ‘amber’ to ‘red’ very quickly and being stuck on a river when it’s rising and risking going into flood is just a stupid move when you can simply wait for it to chill out again.

We spent 2 days in this spot and I kinda fell in love with that bit too, the woodland opposite was full of life as I saw woodpeckers and obviously squirrels. I loved how just after the sun had set and just before it rose in the morning you’d hear a group of Tawny Owls all chatting to each other. I’m going to miss having the bountiful sounds of nature surrounding me, although to be fair, the marina can be so peaceful too.

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