2021 Trip – Week 5

Photo collection can be found here:


Day 29 – Hollybush Inn To Engine Lock

All the layers were back on this morning as the temperature had dropped. A badly moored boat got everyone in a pickle as we met another boat coming through the bridge. A few seconds on the video but a good few minutes as we got grounded then the other boat did trying to move around the naughty boat!
To be fair though I had my head down working for this drive. Spinning the plates of the two jobs on my books.

Day 30 – Engine Lock to Westport Lake

Another day with my head down working as Richard got us to Westport Lake. I came up for air around lunchtime as was greeted with a local speciality, a Staffordshire Oat Cake. Nothing like the biscuity oat cakes i’m used to but essentially an oat flour wrap with a filling so i had a mushroom & cheese one and Richard had a bacon & cheese one for lunch.

It was a glorious day so went for a walk around the lake, really is a nice little walk, then back to my emails for the afternoon!

Day 31 – Westport Lake to Scholars Green

First thing today was the tunnel, I was so tired so I asked Richard to do it so I could have a lay in. With no signal in there, it was a prime time to catch up on some sleep. I didn’t manage much sleep but I did rest so that was the main thing.

A short hop from there, turning left at Red Bull junction to go onto the Macclesfield canal. We met a man on a very interesting boat at the waterpoint, he told us that his engine (which sounded awesome) was from a World War 2 searchlight, made by Lister down the road from my home mooring. I used the outdoor boat office so I wouldn’t miss anything and enjoyed the short journey to the planned mooring stop for the night.

Day 32 – Scholars Green to Congleton

I must have been head down working on this whole stretch as I have no pictures of this little journey to get me close to a town. I’m off to work on the Download Pilot event so need to get to Macclesfield to hire a car so Richard will be boat-sitting while i do that for the week. Nervous, excited and super proud to be asked to do the show!

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