2021 Trip – Week 3

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Day 16 & 17

No boating as we hung out with friends, BBQ, drinks, chats, walk – is was lovely to take some time out along the way! They very kindly lent us their washing machine too so I could get a load on, brilliant!

Day 18 – Fradley to Handsacre

After a fab few days hanging out with friends over the bank holiday weekend we push off to our next destination. What we did forget was that it was a bank holiday and as we turned left out of the junction we fell straight into the back of a traffic jam. About 6 of us waiting for the lock with no lock landing as it was full of moored boats for the pub. Luckily the wind wasn’t up so hovering skills were not too bad!

A little run of locks and some lovely scenery took us to Handsacre where found a nice spot for the night. We had a dinner planned with my bosses from the Covid job that has kept me floating (literally!) for the last many months. Was so lovely to see them and enjoy a fab meal out. To top it off a day not moving the next day so found the sun spot and settled in to the front deck office.

Day 20 – Handsacre to the middle of nowhere!

The waterways have got so much busier over the Bank Holiday weekend (as expected) but it’s taken a lot of getting used to. Really been challenging my helmswoman skills but today I took a back seat. I have a bit of work to do that meant setting up the table on the front deck to battle the pile of emails i’d received the day before as Richard took the helm. It was actually really enjoyable to be able to work and watch the world go by at the same time.

Had a couple of slow boaters ahead that thankfully stopped for lunch which gave us a window to overtake. It’s not like we’re going fast (hardly at 3mph) but Māhina has a big engine and a big prop so often the tickover speed is faster than others and there’s only a certain amount of distance we can go dropping from in gear to coasting that I can deal with. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and the cabin provided some lovely shade for the working desk but it wasn’t long before we saw an ideal mooring to stop for the night……in the middle of random fields, lovely.

Day 21 – Another day no boating!

I had another busy work day planned so settled in with the lovely views to bash through the emails!
What a fab day for sundowners though, the views were just stunning.

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