A window with a view!

I enjoyed two little photography projects on the waterways. Here is the 1st one which is a collection of views out of the living room window on the boat. I’m no video editor but I had fun putting this together along with some words below.


Windows are made to watch the world go by
and what a variety of sights you see.
As your journey takes you along the waterways,
your window moving only a few miles daily.

Sometimes it’s;
Wagging dog’s tails, an occasional curious wet nose up against the pane
People’s legs, some thundering along the towpath at a steady speed
as their thoughts and worries fall to the floor 
Some gently ambling along excitedly chatting with a friend
Children’s hands, pointed fingers as they exclaim
“mummy, mummy, someone’s there inside the boat!”
“yes, there is” comes the reply, “some people live in them!”
Wheels and wheels and more wheels
Your ears prick up when you hear the rumble of the surrounding earth
The deep juddering approaching, getting louder & louder 
Before you know it ‘whoosh!………’ a bike whizzes by

The little birds as they flit amongst the trees
The squirrels speeding through the branches 
Owls as they commence their daily hoot at dawn and dusk 
Not that you ever see them mind, they’re far too wise for that
The bountiful fields, full of sheep or cows, 
Curious with this steel tube moored at the end of their world

And then, as night falls, the silence comes
Oh, and it’s glorious!

Until you realise you’re lit up like a bloody fish bowl
And you can see sweet f**k all outside
Start believing someone’s face will appear in the window 
When all you can see is your own reflection
Like that scene in Scream you saw as a teenager
And never forgot
So you run around and quickly shut the curtains and blinds 
Like woman possessed

Ah, that’s better,
All settled, 
Snuggling down into the cozy little floating place 
You call home.

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