Time to go exploring again!

One thing we’ve all learnt this year, Life is too short. Do what you love.
I’ve had over a year without my main job to review what’s important to me and identifying the areas that needs switching up and changing. Was very sad to have my big trip to New Zealand for my 40th ruined but i’ll get there another time.

Winter was tough with further lockdowns and the sheer distance from family and friends but the boat became the highlight. Full of things that always reminded me to make the most of it; the toasty fires, the frosty ropes, the kindness of the community around me.

As i have no definite event work on the horizon yet, I’ve decided to live life and take the opportunity to enjoy a summer exploring again.

I had a much larger trip planned but Canal & River Trust have announced closures on a lot of the routes to fix locks, bridges and banks where storm damage over the winter have taken their toll. It’s hampered the plan somewhat but if there’s one thing Richard and I know how to do is adapt. We may have some work to come back to but if it all gets delayed again then we’ll extend the plan!

The map link below shows the detail on planned overnight stops and the route we’ll be taking. I’m looking forward exploring new waterways the Stourbridge, Dudley Canals 1 & 2, Birmingham Main Line, Birmingham & Fazeley, the Caldon canal, the Macclesfield and all fingers crossed, the Peak Forest canal. Along with the gorgeous scenery and wildlife, we’re hoping to visit the Black Country Museum, Dudley Tunnels, hopefully Trentham Gardens, Shugborough Estate and of course the best bit, friends along the way.

Just enough time to get the routine appointments out of the way before we head off mid May.

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