Stourport to Caunsall

Here’s a link to yesterday that I forgot to add:

And here is today’s:

A much calmer start to the day today as we leave this pretty mooring by The Bird in Hand pub, shame it wasn’t open but it’s running reduced hours given the current virus filled time.

There’s not actually that much to say as we carried on slowly steering through the twists and turns of the canal. It takes me a couple of hours to get into canal mode again after coming off the faster paced river. Slow and steady, enjoying the scenery and from what I can see so far – this canal is very pretty.

This fantastic red rock face starts to appear as you wind your way up the canal. The locks are narrow and gentle. Its a lot busier than our last trip so we are often waiting for someone to come down before we can go up but it is better that way. Less setting of the lock to do and better on water management.

As we left the rocky landscape, we entered Kidderminster, everything was a lot cleaner than I expected as usually entering a large town means vandals and industrial areas but there has been a lot of new building going on here leading to new waterside flats and shops.

After the church you immediately head into a parkland which again was spotless and very pleasant to go through. A brief lunch stop at Wolverley and onwards into a very beautiful jungle-esque rocky narrow cutting surrounded by green trees and ferns.

Found a lovely spot a bit further on before hitting the next town of Kinver to enjoy some secluded luxury. With a big storm tomorrow, we’re not going anywhere so this little slice of peaceful greenery is perfect.

Not sure what these flowers are but there are pink and white ones everywhere, the bees love them and so do I!!

Today’s Challenges
– Dealing with people being off with you. I get not everyone is friendly all the time but there are some right grumps out there. Especially when they try and steal your lock and you stand your ground.
– Some men are definitely part of the old boys club. Being spoken over and completely ignored whilst waiting to set the lock. Unfortunately this happens a fair bit in boating and very soon they’ll be getting the short shrift of Festival Kate.
– Trying to hold Māhina on a centre line when they wind took her and try as I might I could not bring her stern back in and it was physically challenging to hold her.

Today’s Wins
– The joy of taking in the beautiful scenery, the red rock faces really are something and for most of the trip we had just the sounds of nature accompanying us.
– Me (after the misogynistic idiots were dismissing me), pulling off the bank and into the narrow lock opening without a single touch (while internally flipping them the finger).
– There was a lovely elderly gent at one lock who was single handed. Upon opening the lock gates, his boat seemed to be leaving without him. He smiled as I looked on bemused and he then showed me his remote control. Turns out he can do forward and reverse and control his bow thrusters from it. It was really humbling to watch someone in their later stages of life not be put off from continuing a hobby they love when their physical challenges make it hard but to find a way that works for them to be able to continue.

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