Wheaton Aston to Little Soudley

Today’s video is here:

Had a very early start today but lots to smile about as I fed these beauties:

We very quickly ran into something that would slow us down today. The correct thing to do when passing fishermen is to do so far-side of the canal to them and slowly to not disturb the water. Gives them time to get their line out of the water too so it doesn’t wrap around your prop accidentally. Thing was, this wasn’t just a fisherman, this was an open competition with 75 participants. 75 rods, all spaced out evenly. Big breath in, this is going to take some time!

With only one lock to do and 14 miles of canal before our next mooring today generally became an observation day for things you see on the way. Strange gardens, fun looking boats etc. Here is a selection of some pics taken along the way.

This batch above are more working boat, they used to take goods up and down the canal. In this part of the world that included coal, iron ore, manufactured goods and lightweight “fly” passenger boats. We also saw ‘Emily Anne’ (top right), a very rare and interesting steam powered narrowboat.

Look closely at the bottom of the hedge! it’s always a bit weird when you see this kind of thing lining the bank!

Ending up with an iconic bridge and a stunning mooring overlooking the rolling countryside. The wrekin clearly in sight. Only a small mishap on the way there as a hire boat booze cruise lost control of their boat trying to get into a bridge hole and ended up boshing into mine. It wasn’t very fast and i’m over it now but there was definitely a grumble at the time as it doesn’t feel good having someone bang into your home!

We got a little caught out here by the ‘Shroppie Shelf’, a stone shelf that comes out 90 degrees from the edge of the canal meaning you can’t get your boat directly alongside. Happy we had a plank to get on/off but mostly I sat on the front deck with a drink watching sunset.

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